The 2017 KUCRL Learning Conference will be offering three different sessions to be viewed via Zoom on Wednesday, July 12. Cost for Webinar is free, but we do ask that participants give the KUCRL Conference Committee feedback after the webinar presentation. More information will be emailed to participants closer to the conference date. 
Space is limited to the first 100 participants. 
Click here to sign up.

Save the Date:  2018 KUCRL Conference | July 10-12, 2018

Session 1 - 2:15-3:45pm

Course First! An Exciting New Approach to Content Enhancement PD
Presenters:  Janice Creneti, Keith Lenz, and Cindy Medici

Session 2 - 2:15-3:45pm

Improving Student Outcomes with FUSION
Presenters:  Whitney Miller, Jocelyn Washburn, Irma Brasseur-Hock, and Michael Hock

Session 3 - 4-5pm

Implementing Strategies to Address Common Word Problem Situations and Computation
Presenters:  Margaret Flores and Bradley Kaffar


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The Lawrence school district is to use our Blended Instructional model for their professional development this summer. We are so excited to be partnering with them and collecting more data on the benefits of personalization.

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