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Adolescent Literacy: Where We Are, Where We Need to Go.

Deshler, D.D., & Hock, M.F. (2007). Adolescent literacy: Where we are, where we need to go. In Pressley, M., Billman, A.K., Perry, K.H., Reffitt, K.E., & Reynolds, J.M. (Eds.),Shaping Literacy Achievement: Research We Have, Research We Need, (pp. 98-128). New York: Guilford Press.

Topic: Adolescent Literacy
Subcategory: Big Picture
Summary: This chapter reviews research on interventions and programs for struggling adolescent readers; describes a model of adolescent reading that includes integration of word recognition, language comprehension, and executive processes skills; relates the SIM reading program to the adolescent reading model; summarizes results of a descriptive study of 350 adolescent readers in an urban district; and proposes four areas for future research to enhance the quality of classroom practices.


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