Reference Materials

Content Literacy Continuum Leaders’ Guidebook

This guidebook was developed to assist school and district leaders in adopting of a school-wide literacy approach, the Content Literacy Continuum (CLC). It presents a step-by-step process to guide administrators and Literacy Leadership Teams through the four phases of CLC adoption: Exploring, Planning, Implementing, and Sustaining. The goal of this guidebook is to assist school and district leaders in developing a school-wide framework of interventions that will ensure that all students learn. 

Copies of the guidebook can be purchased from Velvet Bridge, LLC. on their online store.

The Secondary Literacy Instruction and Intervention Guide

This report on secondary literacy, written by the Stupski Foundation, details a host of evidence based practices for adolescent literacy. This is a great resource for anyone considering the CLC.

Download this free guide (PDF)

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