Adult Studies

Division of Adult StudiesThe Division of Adult Studies (DAS) is committed to enhancing quality of life for people with disabilities or who experience societal and ecological barriers. This commitment is achieved through efficacy-based, transdisciplinary, consumer-focused methods that result in improved practice and experiences for numerous stakeholders.

Our commitment is operationalized in terms of the following activities:

  • Policy analysis
  • Research
  • Product development
  • Staff development
  • Dissemination
  • Evaluation

Stakeholders include individuals with disabilities and family members, service providers, staff development personnel, policy developers, and policy analysts.

DAS history and products:

An active research unit within KUCRL, DAS was founded in 1993 to address issues in the transition, education, employment, and quality of life of adults with disabilities. Our staff members provide research-based information to policy makers, service providers, individuals with disabilities, and family members that will ultimately empower people with disabilities to live more productively and independently.

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The Lawrence school district is to use our Blended Instructional model for their professional development this summer. We are so excited to be partnering with them and collecting more data on the benefits of personalization.

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