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Reason Racer logoALTEC develops learning games to help students develop fluency in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) content areas. These games can be played on a mobile or desktop computer using the Flash Player™ application. Games are single- and multi-player.  A sample of games developed at the KUCRL include:   

Play Reason Racer Reason Racer
Practice the components of scientific argumentation in this fast-paced, multi-player racing game. Play
Play Laser Sonic Spy Laser Sonic Spy 
Learn how to use a protractor with Laser Sonic Spy! Play
Play Plotter Penguin Plotter Penguin 
Learn how to use coordinates with Plotter the Penguin! Play
Play Definition Training Definition Training
Understand and spell math vocabulary words in a select-a-letter word game. Play
Play Equation Training Equation Training
Practice setting up proportions and equations. Play
Play Ratio Blaster Ratio Blaster
Practice finding equal ratios. Zap the spaceship that has the correct ratio. Play
Play Ratio Martian Ratio Martian 
Practice in recognizing ratios. Eat ratios to survive. Play
Play Vocabulary Stars Vocabulary Stars
Learn math words used in textbooks and class. Drag and drop appropriate words. Play


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