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Improving the Reading Comprehension of At-Risk Adolescents

Fisher, J.B., Schumaker, J.B., & Deshler, D.D. (2002). Improving the reading comprehension of at-risk adolescents. In C.C. Block & M. Pressley (Eds.), Comprehension instruction: Research-based best practices (pp. 351-364). New York: Guildford Press.

Topic: Content EnhancementTopic: Learning Strategies
Subcategory: Big Picture
Summary: This chapter describes the challenge faced by students with high-incidence disabilities in regard to reading comprehension, then explains how Learning Strategies and Content Enhancement Routines can be implemented to enhance reading comprehension.


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The Lawrence school district is to use our Blended Instructional model for their professional development this summer. We are so excited to be partnering with them and collecting more data on the benefits of personalization.

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