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The Center for Research on Learning (CRL) is an internationally recognized organization noted for dramatically improving the way students learn, the way teachers teach, and the way programs operate at the state, local, and school level. We are champions for all students, with a focus on those with learning differences.


Creating Solutions to Educational Challenges

The University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning exists because we believe in challenging the educational status quo in all our work. We believe in thinking differently about solutions to educational challenges.

The way we challenge the status quo is by conducting rigorous research and designing creative products and providing support services that address challenges of educational practice. Our products and services are feasible, user friendly, and highly effective.

We evaluate educational models, systems, and programs, provide exceptional professional development and instructional coaching, develop effective literacy interventions and programs for adolescents and adults with learning differences, and use technology to enhance learning. 


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To always do great research

To impact as many learners as we can

To support students, teachers and administrators in learning to improve

To sustain and increase our external funding support

To grow as a research center

To practice partnership principles


Think High Impact


Model Partnership Principles

Identify and Solve Problems of Practice

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