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No More Fluffy Feedback!

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4:00 PM -5:00 PM
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Watch a short video about Elise's session: https://drive.google.com/file/d/196rPX9cZZPR_mEgm0FXhFDmlKmlZ0AN6/view?u...

According to Hattie (2012), when feedback is offered over a specific goal it has a .75 effect size for improving performance. However, most of the feedback we are providing our teachers and students is given incorrectly. Administrators and teachers have used the term “feedback” to describe comments made after the fact that include advice, praise, and evaluation when none of these are actually considered feedback. Based in the research of Hattie, Wiggins, and Knight, meaningful feedback is the key to improving culture, collaboration, and achievement in schools. Hear my story of how I helped transform school culture and student achievement by transforming the way in which I gave feedback and learn the techniques for providing high quality feedback to your teachers and students.

Learning Outcomes/Next Steps

The learners will discern between "fluffy feedback" and high quality feedback. The learners will identify ways in which meaningful feedback can be given to students. The learners will identify ways in which meaningful feedback can be given to teachers.

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