Research Publications by Author - page 3

Deshler, D.D.
Adolescents with learning disabilities: Unique challenges and reasons for hope (2005)

Deshler, D.D.
Building a strong literacy foundation for high school excellence (2006)

Deshler, D.D., & Berry, G.C.
The critical issue is how not where (1998)

Deshler, D.D., & Bulgren, J.A.
Redefining instructional directions for gifted students with learning disabilities (1997)

Deshler, D.D., & Cornett, J.
Leading to improve teacher effectiveness: Implications for practice, reform, research, and policy (2012)

Deshler, D.D., & Graham, S.
Tape recording educational materials for secondary handicapped students (1980)

Deshler, D.D., & Hock, M.F.
Adolescent literacy: Where we are, where we need to go (2007)

Deshler, D.D., & Lenz, B.K.
The strategies instructional approach (1989)

Deshler, D.D., & Putnam, M.L.
Learning disabilities in adolescents: A perspective (1996)

Deshler, D.D., & Schumaker, J.B.
Learning strategies: An instructional alternative for low-achieving adolescents (1986)

Deshler, D.D., & Schumaker, J.B.
An instructional model for teaching students how to learn (1988)

Deshler, D.D., & Schumaker, J.B.
Strategy mastery by at-risk students: Not a simple matter (1993)

Deshler, D.D., & Schumaker, J.B.
Grounding intervention research in the larger context of schooling: A response to Pressley and Harris (1994)

Deshler, D.D., & Schumaker, J.B.
Getting research into the classroom (1996)

Deshler, D.D., & Schumaker, J.B.
Social skills of learning disabled adolescents: Characteristics and intervention (1983)

Deshler, D.D., & Tollefson, J.M.
The leader’s role in literacy: Relentless focus (2006)

Deshler, D.D., & Tollefson, J.M.
Strategic interventions: A research-validated instructional model that makes adolescent literacy a schoolwide priority (2006)

Deshler, D.D., Alley, G.R., Mellard, D.F., & Warner, M.M.
The homogeneity of identification decisions by different groups on LD adolescents (1980)

Deshler, D.D., Alley, G.R., Warner, M.M., & Schumaker, J.B.
Instructional practices for promoting skill acquisition and generalization in severely learning disabled adolescents (1981)

Deshler, D.D., Alley, G.R., Warner, M.M., Schumaker, J.B., & Clark, F.L.
An epidemiological study of learning disabled adolescents in secondary schools: Support services (1980)

Deshler, D.D., Hock, M.F., & Catts, H.W.
Enhancing outcomes for struggling adolescent readers (2006)

Deshler, D.D., Hock, M.F., Ihle, F.M., & Mark, C.A.
Designing and conducting literacy intervention research (2011)

Deshler, D.D., Lenz, B.K., Bulgren, J.A., Schumaker, J.B., Davis, B. Grossen, B., & Marquis, J.
Adolescents with disabilities in high school setting: Student characteristics and setting dynamics (2004)

Deshler, D.D., Mellard, D.F., Tollefson, J.M., & Byrd, S.E.
Research topics in responsiveness to intervention: Introduction to the special series (2005)

Deshler, D.D., Palincsar, A.S., Biancarosa, G., & Nair, M.
Informed Choices for Struggling Adolescent Readers: A Research-Based Guide to Instructional Programs and Practices (2007)


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