Research Publications by Author - page 9

Lenz, B.K., & Bulgren, J.A.
Promoting learning in content classes (1995)

Lenz, B.K., & Deshler, D.D.
Adolescents with learning disabilities: Revisiting “The educator’s enigma” (2004)

Lenz, B.K., & Deshler, D.D.
Principles of strategies instruction as the basis of effective preservice teacher education (1990)

Lenz, B.K., & Deshler, D.D.
Ethical issues related to translating research in learning disabilities into practice (1993)

Lenz, B.K., & Duchardt, B.
Toward an understanding of the strategies instructional approach (1990, Spring)

Lenz, B.K., & Hughes, C.A.
A word identification strategy for adolescents with learning disabilities (1990)

Lenz, B.K., & Mellard, D.
Content area skill assessment (1990)

Lenz, B.K., & Scanlon, D.
SMARTER teaching: Developing accommodations to reduce cognitive barriers to learning for individuals with learning disabilities (1998)

Lenz, B.K., & Schumaker, J.B.
Adapting language arts, social studies, and science materials for the inclusive classroom (2003)

Lenz, B.K., Alley, G.R., & Schumaker, J.B.
Activating the inactive learner: Advance organizers in the secondary content classroom (1987)

Lenz, B.K., Bulgren, J.A., & Hudson, P.
Content enhancement: A model for promoting the acquisition of content by individuals with learning disabilities (1990)

Lenz, B.K., Ehren, B.J., & Deshler, D.D.
The content literacy continuum: A school reform framework for improving adolescent literacy for all students (2005)

Lenz, B.K., Ehren, B.J., & Smiley, L.R.
A goal attainment approach to improve completion of project-type assignments by adolescents with learning disabilities (1991)

Lenz, B.K., Schumaker, J.B., & Deshler, D.D.
Planning in the face of academic diversity: Whose questions should we be answering? (1991)

Lenz, B.K., Warner, M.M., Alley, G.R., & Deshler, D.D.
A comparison of youths who have committed delinquent acts with learning disabled, low-achieving, and normally-achieving adolescents (1980)

Lenz, K., & Adams, G.
Planning practices that optimize curriculum access (2006)

MacArthur, C.A., Greenberg, D., Mellard, D.F., & Sabatini, J.P.
Introduction to the special issue on models of reading component skills in low-literate adults (2010)

Mainzer, R.W., Deshler, D.D., Coleman, M.R., Kozleski, E., & Rodriguez-Walling M.
To ensure the learning of every child with a disability (2005)

Mainzer, R.W., Deshler, D.D., Coleman, M.R., Kozleski, E., & Rodriguez-Walling, M.
To ensure the learning of every child with a disability (2003)

Mathews, R.M., Whang, P.L., & Fawcett, S.B.
Development and validation of an occupational skills assessment instrument (1980)

Mathews, R.M., Whang, P.L., & Fawcett, S.B.
Behavioral assessment of occupational skills of learning disabled adolescents (1980)

Mathews, R.M., Whang, P.L., & Fawcett, S.B.
Behavioral assessment of job-related skills: Implications for learning disabled young adults (1980)

McNaughton, D., Hughes, C., & Clark, K.
The effect of five proofreading conditions on the spelling performance of college students with learning disabilities (1997)

McNaughton, D., Hughes, C., & Ofiesh, N.
Proofreading for students with learning disabilities: Integrating computer and strategy use (1997)

Mellard, D.
Strategies for transition to postsecondary education settings (1996)


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