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Students Make "Ginormous" Improvement in Writing When Learning Strategies are Integrated with Technology

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9:45 - 10:45
Using Technology to Improve Instruction

In 1993, MacArthur, Graham, and Schwartz published research that examined how the integration of strategy instruction, the process approach to writing, and word processing impacted student writing outcomes. At the end of their two year study, they found that students’ mechanics and spelling improved, students’ quality of writing improved, and students’ motivation to write improved (MacArthur, Graham, & Schwartz, 1993). Using this and similar current research, theory and practice will be discussed in this presentation and used to support and describe practitioner experience integrating writing instruction with web-based publishing platforms for students with learning disabilities. Specifically, this presentation will address the following points:

  • Strategy instruction is effective for teaching students with learning disabilities how to write.
  • Embedding the use of technology in writing instruction is effective when teaching students how to write.
  • Using technology as a support for strategy instruction in writing produces positive results for students with learning disabilities learning to write.
  • The writing outcomes of a group of middle school students in a self-contained special education class who used Book-builder, a web-based publishing platform.
  • A demonstration of how teachers of students with learning disabilities may combine learning strategies and technology in their instruction of writing.

Learning Outcomes/Next Steps

Participants will

  • Learn how technology can be used to motivate students to write.
  • Learn to use strategy instruction to introduce web-based publishing to students with learning disabilities.
  • Experience Book-builder, a web-based publishing platform.
  • Generate ideas for integrating Book-builder into their future writing instruction.

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