Research at the KUCRL has always focused on how to help students meet the demands of life, both while in school and after leaving school. Our overriding goal has been to develop an integrated model to address many of the needs of diverse learners. Out of this effort, the Strategic Instruction Model™ (SIM™) has evolved as a comprehensive approach to adolescent literacy.

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SIM, the foundational research upon which the KUCRL was built, promotes effective teaching and learning of critical content in schools. It encompasses two kinds of interventions to address the gap between what students are expected to do and what students are able to do.

  1. Teacher-focused interventions—Content Enhancement Routines are sets of teaching practices that help teachers organize and present critical information in such a way that students identify, organize, comprehend, and recall it. We have developed 14 routines and associated supporting materials for teachers.
  2. Student-focused interventions—Learning Strategies are designed to provide the skills and strategies students need to learn content. We have developed more than 40 interventions, including strategies for reading, writing, studying and remembering information, interacting with others, motivation, and mathematics.

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