Thursday, July 1


8-8:45 a.m. | Kaleidoscope Sessions

  • Differentiated Visual Tools for Math Concepts - Monica Harris and Teri Clement
  • Elevate the Experience:  A Resource for Content Enhancement Routine Planning  - Teri Clement
  • Learning Strategies in Google Classroom - Zenovia DeCuir
  • ​Results of Using Multimedia for Teaching Paragraph and Theme Writing  - Jean Schumaker
  • ​The Struggle is Real - Elise Heger
  • What if?...the Story Behind Differentiated Visual Tools - Ed Ellis 

8:45-9:45  a.m. | Concurrent Sessions

  • Information Gathering Session on Adaptations to Content Enhancement Graphics and Reading Programs - Janis Bulgren
  • Cue-Do-Review...It's Not Just For Devices! - Cindy Medici and Janice Creneti
  • Improving Instruction:  RAISEup Texas Instructional Change Cycle - Matt Pope and Teri Clement
  • FUSION Evolution at Central Academy Middle School - Susan Trumbo
  • Using Knight's 3-step Coaching Cycle for Micro-credentialing - Patty Graner and Diane Gillam
  • ​Improving Vocabulary Instruction Using a Multimedia Professional Development Process - Michael Kennedy
  • Differentiated Visual Tools and SIM - Ed Ellis

10-11 a.m. | Concurrent Sessions

  • Some Assembly Required:  Putting the Pieces Together for School Improvement - Scott Schwartz, Lynn Fuller, and Sara Rose
  • SMARTER - The Instructional Cycle the Energizes Collaboration - Diane Gillam and Patty Graner
  • ​Learning Strategies 2.0 - Amy Havard
  • Introducing the Classroom Teaching Scan:  A Flexible Classroom Observation Tool - Michael Kennedy
  • Introduction to a New Intervention for Teaching Multiplication with Regrouping - Margaret Flores and Bradley Kaffar
  • Next Gen Learning Needs:  Strategies 2.2017 - Lori Peterson, Dara Kipp, and Laura Anderson 
  • Got a DVT for That! (Differentiated Visual Tools for Core ELA Standards) - Vicki Ricketts

11 a.m. - 12 p.m. | Lunch

12-1:30 p.m. | Keynote:  John Hattie

1:30-3 p.m. | Panel & Concurrent Sessions

  • Explicit ELA Routines:  Using What We Know To Do Even More! - Susan Woodruff and Nanette Fritschmann
  • Iterative Development Research Insights from an Investing in Innovation Grant - Ellen Schiller, Jose Blackorby, Janis Bulgren, and Cathy Spriggs
  • Student Engagement and Learning Through a Blended Learning Model - Irma Brasseur-Hock, Paula Barr, and Kaitlin Lugo
  • Leadership Teams:  Harnessing Positive Energy to Create School Change - Pam Leitzell
  • The Strategic Instruction Model within a Tiered Support System - Patty Graner and Suzanne Robinson
  • Developing Students and Teachers as Visible Learners - Craig Wisniewski
  • Teaching Persuasive and Argumentative Theme Writing - Jean Schumaker

3:15-4:15 p.m. | Concurrent Sessions

  • Never Give Up! Urban Teachers Accelerate Literacy Gains Using Fusion - Christy Palmquist, Barb Vallejo, Jesse Kwankenat, and Tena Kyllo
  • Leveraging the Power of Scientific Argumentation Across Content Areas - April Maitner and Janice Creneti
  • Sustaining SIM with the online SIM Implementation Toolbox - Gina Alligood and Mary Black
  • ​Making it Count:  Harnessing Pivotal Moments in Teaching - Nanette Fritschmann
  • Implementing the Strategies for Regrouping to Address Mathematics Standards - Bradley Kaffar, Margaret Flores, and Margaret Vanderwarn
  • Addressing Executive Functioning Challenges in Helping Students Become Skilled Learners - Richard Goldhammer
  • Addressing Adolescent Literacy:  One State's Story - Paula Crawford, Elizabeth Gibbs, Pam Leitzell,  and Laura Marsden

4:15-5:15 p.m. | Poster Session

  • Capacity Building Through Choice - Catherine Pace and Erinn Green
  • Developing Communities of Practice among International Students in U.S. Academia - Junfu Gao
  • Harnessing the Impact of Micro-credentialing! - Hellen Barrier
  • Micro-credentialing Made Easy for SIM™ Learning Strategies - Dana McCaleb

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The Lawrence school district is to use our Blended Instructional model for their professional development this summer. We are so excited to be partnering with them and collecting more data on the benefits of personalization.

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