TOPIC: Health/Employment For People With Disabilities

Any health care reform must allow continuation of robust Medicaid Buy-In programs (2009, October)
Otto, B., Salley, S., Hall, J.P., & Himmelstein, J.

Assessing the health care needs of Kansas’ young adults with disabilities (2007)
Hall, J., & Starett, B.

Does high-risk pool coverage meet the needs of people at risk for disability? (2006)
Hall, J.P., & Moore, J.M.

Impact of current health care reform proposals on people with chronic illnesses (2009, November)
Hall, J.P., Moore, J.M., Otto, B., & Salley, S.

Medicaid’s expenditures for newer pharmacotherapies for adults with disabilities (2007)
Shireman, T., Hall, J.P., Rigler, S.K., & Moore, J.M.

Raising disability awareness and self-efficacy of one-stop workforce center staff (2007)
Johnson, R., Mellard, D., & Krieshok, T.

Staying healthy to stay in the workforce: The role of health insurance (2009)
Hall, J.P.

Stuck in a loop: Individual and system barriers for job seekers with disabilities (2010)
Hall, J.P., & Parker, K.

The Kansas Medicaid buy-in: Factors influencing enrollment and health care utilization (2009)
Hall, J.P., Fox, M.H., & Fall, E.

Transition to Medicare part D: An early snapshot of barriers experienced by younger dual eligibles (2007)
Hall, J.P., Kurth N.K., & Moore, J.M.

Unintended consequences: The potential impact of Medicare Part D on dual eligibles with disabilities (2005)
Hall, J.P., Moore, J.M., & Shireman, T.I.

What providers and Medicaid policymakers need to know about barriers to employment (2004)
Hall, J.P., & Fox, M.H.

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