TOPIC: Instruction and Intervention Issues

Academic accommodations for adolescents with behavioral and learning problems (1985)
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Content area skill assessment (1990)
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Partnerships to support reading comprehension for students with language impairment (2006)
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Planning practices that optimize curriculum access (2006)
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Preparing dysfunctional learners to enter junior high school (1985)
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Redefining instructional directions for gifted students with learning disabilities (1997)
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Searching for validated inclusive practices: A review of the literature (1995)
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Setting demand variables: A major factor in program planning for the LD adolescent (1984)
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Special education teacher education: A perspective on content knowledge (2009)
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Speech-language pathologists contributing significantly to the academic success (2002)
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Strategic interventions: A research-validated instructional model (2006)
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Tape recording educational materials for secondary handicapped students (1980)
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The critical issue is how not where (1998)
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The instructional context of inclusive secondary general education classes (2006)
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The strategic intervention model: A model for supported inclusion at the secondary level (1999)
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The testing practices of mainstream secondary classroom teachers (1992)
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To ensure the learning of every child with a disability (2003)
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To ensure the learning of every child with a disability (2005)
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Vocabulary intervention to improve reading comprehension for students with learning disabilities (2002)
Ehren, B.J.

Written feedback provided by mainstream secondary classroom teachers (1992)
Putnam, M.L.

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