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Introducing the New Institute for Strategic Mathematics Interventions (ISMI) at the Center for Research on Learning

Friday, January 3, 2020 - 07:00

I am pleased to announce the addition of another research team and institute at the Center for Research on Learning. One of our goals as a research center is to become nationally recognized as a center that supports mathematics instruction for students with limited proficiency in mathematics. I am convinced that under the leadership of Margaret Flores and Bradley Kaffar the CRL will achieve that goal.

The ISMI will focus on mathematics research and development of strategies to provide a continuum of tiered interventions to meet the needs of all students with mathematics difficulties. Currently, ISMI offers an evidenced-based mathematics curriculum designed to teach basic math facts, place value, multi-digit computation with regrouping, and problem-solving skills via the Strategic Math Series. Plans are developing to infuse this program with instructional technology and to rigorously evaluate the new components of the program. In addition, as co-directors of the ISMI, Margaret and Bradley will continue to develop and evaluate a new line of mathematics interventions. For example, with the support and cooperation of Susan Miller and Ann Mercer, they are in the process of developing a new mathematics program that includes additional concepts and skills to align with current mathematics standards that will support students who may need less supports than what the current Strategic Math Series provides.

In support of this effort, Susan and Ann have decided to move the Strategic Math Series from Edge Enterprises, LLC to the CRL. This will increase the efficiency of updating and coordinating mathematics materials to better serve our constituents and will support our goal of making the CRL a national leader in mathematics instruction for students with limited math proficiency. Jean Schumaker and Don Deshler are supportive of Ann and Susan’s desire to move the Strategic Math Series from Edge to the CRL as they greatly value their long-standing relationship (since 1988) that led to the production and distribution of the nine instructor’s manuals in the Strategic Math Series. Jean, Susan, and Ann have had multiple conversations about how to make the transition as seamless as possible. Importantly, this collaborative effort will remain in effect as Edge continues to publish and distribute its portfolio of SIM products. Beginning December 1, 2019, orders for the Strategic Math Series can be placed through the KUCRL.

Finally, the CRL-ISMI looks forward to working with the SIM Professional Development Network. Margaret and Bradley, with support from Jocelyn Washburn, will begin to recruit SIM Professional Developers with an interest in growing the impact of math strategies across the nation. This is an exciting time for the CRL and the SIM Network with the potential for an increased CRL presence in the mathematics space. Please join me in welcoming our newest research team to the CRL, and thank you for your support.

Mike Hock Director

KUCRL Executive Director and Senior Research Scientist

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