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New to the Listening and Note-Taking Strategy? Need a Refresher?

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Brazilian B
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1:15 PM - 2:15 PM
Instructional Strategies


This session provides a brief, explicit explanation of how to teach the current Listening & Note-Taking Strategy. Specific questions addressed include: What specific skills should be emphasized?  How do you score practices for mastery learning?  What additional resources can be utilized?  Come and be “refreshed” at this effective and efficient session!

Listening and Note-Taking is an easy-to-learn strategy that helps students identify and quickly capture important information during a lecture, sort main ideas and details as they write, and study their notes to earn the best test grades possible. Listening and Note-Taking is suitable for instruction in core subject courses as well as supplemental skill-based classes.

In one study of 13 undergraduate college students with learning disabilities at a large university in the Midwest, students substantially improved their ability to take notes and correctly answer questions about lecture material after just four hours of instruction in Listening and Note-Taking. Student comprehension increased from a mean baseline performance of 28 percent to a mean post-intervention performance of 76 percent. In a second study of ninth-grade students with and without disabilities, students who learned the Listening and Note-Taking strategy increased the number of main ideas, key words, and details they recorded in their notes.

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