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workshop brainstormingKUCRL is committed to ensuring that the results of our studies have lasting meaning. Based on the results of our research, we develop products that teachers and students can use successfully to improve student achievement. We also continue to explore an array of methods for getting these materials into the hands of those who need them. We have established and continue to nurture an international network of professional educators. These individuals, members of our Strategic Instruction Model (SIM)™ International Professional Development Network , work with districts, schools, teachers, parents, state departments, and colleges and universities to prepare others to effectively use our materials. Additionally, educators can earn SIM micro-credentials in individual teaching strategies or routines to use with students and other educators. 

One of our divisions, the Kansas Coaching Project, is a leader in the field of instructional coaching. This on-site, continuing professional development helps teachers overcome daily obstacles to the adoption of new instructional methods. We supplement our face-to-face professional development activities with web-based applications and other multimedia supports.

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