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Schumaker, J.B., Deshler, D.D., Denton, P., Alley, G.R., Clark, F.L., & Warner, M.M.
Multipass: A learning strategy for improving reading comprehension (1981)

Schumaker, J.B., Deshler, D.D., Nolan, S., Clark, F.L., Alley, G.R., & Warner, M.M.
Error monitoring: A learning strategy for improving academic performance of LD adolescents (1981)

Schumaker, J.B., Deshler, D.D., Woodruff, S.K., Hock, M.F., Bulgren, J.A., & Lenz, B.K.
Reading strategy interventions: Can literacy outcomes be enhanced for at-risk adolescents? (2006)

Schumaker, J.B., Fisher, J.B., & Walsh, L.D.
The effects of a computerized professional development program on teachers and students with and without disabilities in secondary general education classes (2010)

Schumaker, J.B., Hazel, J.S., & Deshler, D.D.
A model for facilitating postsecondary transitions (1985)

Schumaker, J.B., Hazel, S.J., Sherman, J.A., & Sheldon, J.
Social skill performances of learning disabled, non-learning disabled, and delinquent adolescents (1982)

Schumaker, J.B., Pederson, C.S., Hazel, J.S., & Meyen, E.L.
Social skills curricula for mildly handicapped adolescents: A review (1983)

Schumaker, J.B., Sheldon-Wildgen, J., & Sherman, J.A.
An observational study of the academic and social behaviors of learning disabled adolescents in the regular classroom (1980)

Schumaker, J.B., Warner, M.M., Deshler, D.D., & Alley, G.R.
An epidemiological study of learning disabled adolescents in secondary schools: Details of the methodology (1980)

Serna, L.A., Schumaker, J.B., & Sheldon, J.B.
A comparison of the effects of feedback procedures on college student performance on written essay papers (1992)

Serna, L.A., Schumaker, J.B., Hazel, J.S., & Sheldon, J.B.
Teaching reciprocal social skills to parents and their delinquent adolescents (1986)

Serna, L.A., Schumaker, J.B., Sherman, J.A., & Sheldon, J.B.
In-home generalization of social interactions in families of adolescents with behavior problems (1991)

Shaw, J.M., Thomas, C., Hoffman, A., & Bulgren, J.
Using concept diagrams to promote understanding in geometry (1995)

Shireman, T., Hall, J.P., Rigler, S.K., & Moore, J.M.
Medicaid’s expenditures for newer pharmacotherapies for adults with disabilities (2007)

Sinning, H.K., Hudson, F.G., & Deshler, D.D.
Parental and staff expectations for the future achievement of learning disabled students (1980)

Skrtic, T.M.
Formal reasoning abilities of learning disabled adolescents: Implications for mathematics instruction (1980)

Skrtic, T.M.
The regular classroom interactions of learning disabled adolescents and their teachers (1980)

Sean J. Smith, K. Alisa Lowrey, Amber L. Rowland, and Bruce Frey
Effective Technology Supported Writing Strategies for Learners With Disabilities (March 2020)

Adam Carreon, Sean J. Smith, Amber Lynn Rowland
Augmented Reality: Creating and Implementing Digital Classroom Supports (Nov. 2019)

Smith, S.W., Brownell, M.T., Simpson, R.L., & Deshler, D.D.
Successfully completing the dissertation: Two reflections on the process (1993)

Swanson, H.L. & Deshler, D.D.
Instructing adolescents with learning disabilities: Converting a meta-analysis to practice (2003)

Tollefson, N., Tracy, D.B., Johnsen, E.P., Borgers, S., Buenning, M., Farmer, A., & Barke, C.
An application of attribution theory to developing self-esteem in learning disabled adolescents (1980)

Tralli, R., Colombo, B., Deshler, D.D., & Schumaker, J.B.
The strategies intervention model: A model for supported inclusion at the secondary level (1996)

Tralli, R., Colombo, B., Deshler, D.D., & Schumaker, J.B.
The strategic intervention model: A model for supported inclusion at the secondary level (1999)

Van Reusen, A.K.
Self-advocacy strategy instruction: Enhancing student motivation, self-determination, and responsibility in the learning process (1998)

Van Reusen, A.K.
Developing social competence in diverse secondary schools and classrooms (1999)

Van Reusen, A.K., Deshler, D.D., & Schumaker, J.B.
Effects of a student participation strategy in facilitating the involvement of adolescents with learning disabilities in the individualized educational program planning process (1989)


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