Research Publications by Author - page 10

Mellard, D., & Woods, K.
Adult life with dyslexia (2007)

Mellard, D., McKnight, M., & Jordan, J.
RTI tier structures and instructional intensity (2010)

Mellard, D., Patterson, M.B., & Prewett, S.
Reading practices among adult education participants (2007)

Mellard, D., Scanlon D., Kissam, B., & Woods, K.
Adult education instructional environments and interaction patterns between teachers and students: An ecobehavioural assessment (2005)

Mellard, D.F.
The eligibility process: Identifying students with learning disabilities in California's community colleges (1990)

Mellard, D.F.
Services for students with learning disabilities in the community colleges (1994)

Mellard, D.F., & Byrne, M.
Learning disabilities referrals, eligibility outcomes, and services in community colleges: A four-year summary (1993)

Mellard, D.F., & Deshler, D.D.
Learning disabilities (1992)

Mellard, D.F., & Deshler, D.D.
Modeling the condition of learning disabilities on post-secondary populations (1984)

Mellard, D.F., & Fall, E.
Component model of reading comprehension for adult education participants (2012)

Mellard, D.F., & Hazel, J.S.
Social competencies as a pathway to successful life transitions (1992)

Mellard, D.F., & Lancaster, P.E.
Incorporating adult community services in students' transition planning (2003)

Mellard, D.F., & Patterson, M.B.
Contrasting adult literacy learners with and without specific learning disabilities (2008)

Mellard, D.F., Anthony, J.L., & Woods, K.L.
Understanding oral reading fluency among adults with low literacy: Dominance analysis of contributing component skills (2012)

Mellard, D.F., Byrd, S.E., Johnson, E., Tollefson, J.M., & Boesche, L.
Foundations and research on identifying model responsiveness-to-intervention sites (2004, Fall)

Mellard, D.F., Deshler, D.D., & Barth, A.
LD identification: It’s not simply a matter of building a better mousetrap (2004)

Mellard, D.F., Fall, E., & Mark, C.
Reading profiles for adults with low-literacy: Cluster analysis with power and speeded measures (2009)

Mellard, D.F., Fall., E., & Woods, K.L.
A path analysis of reading comprehension for adults with low literacy (2010)

Mellard, D.F., McKnight, M., & Woods, K.
Response to intervention screening and progress-monitoring practices in 41 local schools (2009)

Mercer, C.D., Lane, H.B, Jordan, L., Allsopp, D.H., & Eilsele, M.R.
Empowering teachers and students with instructional choices in inclusion settings (1996)

Meyen, E.L.
Using technology to move research to practice: The Online Academy (2000)

Miller, S. & Strawser, S.
Promoting strategic math performance among students with learning disabilities (1996)

Mittag, K.C., & Van Reusen, A.K.
One fish, two fish, pretzel fish: Learning estimation and other advanced mathematics concepts in an inclusive class (1999)

Moccia, R.E., Schumaker, J.B., Hazel, J.S., Vernon, D.S., & Deshler, D.D.
A mentor program for facilitating the life transitions of individuals who have handicapping conditions (1989)

Moran, M.R.
An investigation of the demands on oral language skills of learning disabled students in secondary classrooms (1980)


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