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Strengthening Student Reasoning with the Scientific Argumentation Routine

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Regency B
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2:45 PM -4:00 PM
Instructional Strategies
Adolescent Literacy
Instructional Coaching/Professional Learning

Making solid arguments and supporting them with evidence is at the heart of many of our current national and state standards. How can Content Enhancement Routines from the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) build student skill around reasoning to support argumentation?  Frequent practice with appropriate scaffolding across multiple content areas is needed for all students to master these higher order thinking tasks.  In this session, learn about the SIM Scientific Argumentation Routine, how it can provide the scaffolding needed for student skill development, and how it can be adapted for use outside of science classes.  You may want to purchase Scientific Argumentation in advance to have for this session.

Scientific Argumentation HANDOUTS
Comparison Table: Scientific Theory/Scientific Law

Concept Diagram: Like Terms
FRAME: Parts of ALL CERs

Participant Agenda

Unpacking Standards, CER's and the 5 R's

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