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Supporting Students with Complex Texts

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Regency A
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2:30-3:45 pm
Instructional Strategies
Adolescent Literacy
Teaching Content to Diverse Learners

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HANDOUTS:  Creating Text-Dependent Q's for Close Analytic Reading of Texts
Ain't I a Woman
Text Complexity and Vocabulary Template
Text and Vocabulary Complexity Note-Catcher

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (2015), 36% of fourth graders, 34% of eighth graders, and 38% of 12th graders are reading at or above the proficient level. And yet, no matter which standards apply - Common Core, NGSS, C3 Framework, etc., - students are expected to read and comprehend complex text. Additionally, research from Guthrie, Wigfield, & You (2012) and McRae & Guthrie (2009) indicates that subjecting students to continually struggle with complex texts may affect students’ motivation to read. This then begs the question: how do we support students’ reading and comprehension of complex texts? During our session you will be provided with a set of tools to aid in selecting a complex text, measuring the text for complexity and vocabulary, and developing text dependent questions which scaffold students’ understanding of a complex text.

Learning Outcomes/Next Steps

By the end of the session you will have the knowledge and necessary tools to measure a text for complexity and its vocabulary demands as well as a process to develop a set of scaffolded text dependent questions to support students’ comprehension of a complex text.

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