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Topic: Instructional Strategies

2018 KUCRL Learning Conference Sessions:

Activities for Narrative Theme Writing Workshops
Presenter: Jean Schumaker

Blended Professional Learning Experience with Content Enhancement
Presenters: Jocelyn Washburn

The Ever-Evolving Unit Organizer
Presenters: Jennifer Stowers | Amy Wolfe​

Implementation of Comprehensive Language and Literacy Interventions: An Overview of the Kansas Striving Readers Grant.
Presenters: Suzanne Meyers | Amber Rowland | Jayne James | Michael Hock

Increasing Understanding and Fluency in Multiplication and Division with CRA
Presenters:  Jessica Milton | Margaret Flores

The Inside Story of MTSS: Success to Highlight, Pitfalls to Avoid, and Candid Advice on Interventions in Reading, Math, and Behaviors
Presenter: Lucas Shivers

Introducing CORGI:  New Instructional Technology Supports for Content Enhancement Routines
Presenters: Jose Blackorby | Jan Bulgren | Bonnie Fenwick

Introducing the Decision-Making Routine (A New Higher Order Reasoning Content Enhancement Routine)
Presenter: Janis Bulgren

Learn About a New Strategic Math Series Manual:  Teaching Multiplication Using Partial Products
Presenters: Margaret Flores, Jessica Milton, Bradley Kaffar

Learning Express-Ways in Higher Education: Developing student-Faculty Relationships as a Path to Partnership in Schools
Presenters: Heather Haynes Smith | Belinda Mitchell | Christine Woodbury

Listening and Note-Taking
Presenters: Gwen Berry

Narrative Theme Writing
Presenter: Jean Schumaker

Personalizing Learning Strategies and Instructional Routines through Blended Learning and Instructional Technology
Presenter: Gwen Berry, Nanette Fritschmann, Mike Hock

Social/Emotional Skill Instruction: Who, What, Why, When and How
Presenter:  Sue Vernon, President, Social Perspective - Lawrence, KS

Strengthening Student Reasoning with the Scientific Argumentation Routine
Presenter: Janice Creneti

Successful English Language Arts Instruction with Formative Assessment Through Enhanced Learning Maps
Presenters: Kristin Lyon | Sasha Feryok

Using CRA (Concrete, Representational, Abstract) to Develop Conceptual Understanding and Fluency in Multiplication and Division
Presenters: Jessica Milton | Margaret Flores

Using the Strategic Instruction Model with English Language Learners -- Perfecto!
Presenters: Beth Lasky | Monica BoomgardDorothee Chadda | Sarah Eylands

Word Identification: Second to NONE
Presenter: Diane Gillam

Workshop Activities for Paragraph Writing
Presenter: Jean Schumaker, President, Edge Enterprises Inc.,  Lawrence, KS

Zoom Based Instructional Coaching
Presenters: Amber Rowland | Sean Smith

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