Creating Solutions to Educational Challenges

The University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning (KUCRL) is a multidisciplinary research team whose overarching goal is Creating Solutions to Educational Challenges. KUCRL is dedicated to development and research of educational programs and practices that improve outcomes for all learners, including those with learning differences or disabilities. KUCRL provides technical assistance, responsive professional development, program evaluation, and high impact instructional coaching for teachers and administrators seeking to improve both student achievement and social emotional learning skills. 




 Our recent research and development focuses on online learning for students with disabilities, personalized learning in blended learning classrooms, and the use of technology (e.g., social media, games, virtual reality) to enhance learning for all students. KUCRL is home to the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM), an evidenced based collection of learning strategies, content enhancement teaching routines, and explicit instruction programs. These interventions and practices address higher-order reasoning skillsadolescent and adult literacylanguage and reading comprehension strategieswritten expression strategies, math skills and strategies, social emotional learning skills, and explicit instruction and routines that respond to diversity in today’s schools. 

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Help Students Master Multiplication With Regrouping using the two latest books from KUCRL

Multiplying two-digit numbers can be intimidating, especially if the numbers are large. All that regrouping can be confusing. Which number goes where? And better yet, why?

Help students master multiplication with regrouping using the two latest books from KUCRL: Multiplication With Regrouping: Partial Products and Multiplication With Regrouping:  Standard Algorithm. Based on the concrete – representational – abstract (CRA) teaching sequence from the Strategic Math Series, both books apply the same procedures to multiplication with regrouping. The Partial Products book shows students how to break numbers into parts, multiply those parts, and then add the partial products to find the final product. The Standard Algorithm book shows students the shortened way to multiply and regroup. Either way, students not only master multiplication, but come to understand exactly what they are doing and why. Read more.

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