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Classroom Structure

Word Level Instruction

word recognition x language comprehension = reading comprehension



Fusion Reading is a comprehensive, research-based reading intervention program for students in grades 6-12. The flexible, multi-year program provides struggling adolescent students the skills they need to quickly become fluent, competent, and confident readers. Students learn to read award-winning books that are relevant to their lives and the problems they face.

The Fusion Reading program:

  • Engages students with reading materials relevant to their lives.
  • Invigorates students with skills and strategies they need to become successful readers.
  • Empowers students to move to the academic classroom with confidence.

Students in Fusion Reading have made statistically significant gains in reading scores. Students learn the skills and strategies necessary to become better readers, both in their reading classes as well as their other academic classes. Jamestown’s popular non-fiction texts provide high interest reading selections to support this program.

  • Explicit: Provides instruction using age-appropriate leveled text to effectively teach reading skills and strategies and engage students
  • Proven: Increases student engagement and reading outcomes supporting 1½ year to 2 years of growth in one year of instruction
  • Flexible: Adapts to various instructional settings and easily adapts to multiple block schedule formats
  • Research Based: Developed and field tested through an IES grant at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning

Fusion Reading supports research-based strategies, such as the Simple View of Reading, which defines the skills that contribute to early reading comprehension. According to the original theory, an individual's reading comprehension is the product of their decoding skills and language comprehension (Gough & Tunmer, 1986).

Simple View of Reading

Fusion Reading also supports fundamentals of the Scarborough Reading RopeHollis Scarborough (2001) explained the science of reading using a rope that holds many strands that are woven together to support skilled reading. Read more about how Fusion Reading aligns with the Science of Reading

Science of Reading

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