Online and Technological Development

Continued technological developments has led to dramatic changes in the educational landscape, and technology integration in classroom settings is becoming increasingly more common. ALTEC's onsite and online professional development provides opportunities for educators to learn about technology integration in a hands on instructional setting. 

ALTEC offers a variety of workshops. Some of the more popular workshops help teachers learn to:

  • Integrate visual thinking tools and interactive whiteboards
  • Use office software for education
  • Implement Project Based Learning Strategies (PBL)
  • Embed video in instruction
  • Incorporate online resources into instruction
  • Add mobile learning devices to support creativity and learning
  • Apply interactive distance learning strategies in the classroom

Whether you select from existing onsite or online opportunities to learn about technology integration, or tailor a workshop to meet your local education goals, you'll find what you need to provide continuous, high quality professional development.