The KUCRL is involved with many projects throughout the state and nation.  Our researchers and project teams collaborate with a variety of funding agencies. Their expertise reflects depth of knowledge and skills across many different content areas.  Below is a sample of KUCRL projects:

Adaptation and Validation of a Nutrition Literacy Assessment Instrument
Funded by: University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute
PI: Susan Harvey

Arizona Secondary Transition Mentoring Project (STMP)
Funded by: Arizona State Department of Education
PI: Patricia Noonan  

Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities
Funded by: US Department of Education
PI: Daryl Mellard  

Content Literacy Continuum (CLC) Development Plan-North Carolina Schools
Funded by: Cabarrus County, Johnson County and Swain County School Districts
PI: Patricia Graner 

CORGI-US: Building Knowledge and Skills in 21st Century Schools
Funded by:
PI: Jan Bulgren

Designing and Supporting Innovative Educational Practices for Struggling Readers
Funded by: Oak Foundation USA
PI: Don Deshler

Development and Validation of Online Adaptive Reading Motivation Measures
Funded by: US Department of Education
PI: Michael Hock  

Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Social Media: Supporting Teacher Professional Learning and Student Scientific Argumentation
Funded by: National Science Foundation
PI: James Ellis  

Enhancing the Adoption, Use and Sustainability of Evidence-based Practices to Improve Outcomes for Students with Learning Disabilities
Funded by: The Poses Family Foundation
PI: Michael Hock    

Missouri Post-Secondary Success Project
Funded by: MO Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
PI: Amy Gaumer Erickson   

Principles of Cyberlearning to Redesign Secondary Courses to Improve Academic Outcomes Related to Higher Standards for Students with Disabilities and Other Underperforming Students
Funded by: SRI International
PI: Janis Bulgren  

Provide Professional Development and Associated Resources for the Strategic Instruction Model and Content Literacy Continuum
Funded by: University of Kansas (Virginia Department of Education)
PI: Patricia Graner  

Scaling-Up TASN Evaluation
Funded by: Kansas Department of Education
PI: Amy Gaumer Erickson

State Personnel Development Grant Evaluation 2 (SPDG) - 2015
Funded by: MO Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
PI: Patricia Noonan  

Stepping Up: Sustainable Implementation of Innovations for Student Achievement (SIISA)
Funded by: US Department of Education
PI: Sean Smith  

Vermont Secondary MTSS and Transition Professional Development
Funded by: Vermont Department of Education
PI: Amy Gaumer Erickson  

Virginia's State Personnel Development Grant Proposal
Funded by: Virginia Department of Education
PI: Patricia Graner  

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