Creator: Dr. Mary Beth Calhoon

AMP-IT-UP is an empirically validated, research based intensive remedial reading program specifically designed to address the unique needs of older struggling readers (6th -12th grades), reading below the 4th grade level. AMP-IT-UP can be implemented in either a daily 60-minute class period, or an alternating block schedule class period for 110 minutes and does not replace language arts or other core classes.

AMP-IT-UP blends cognitive strategy instruction, socio-cultural theory, peer-tutoring, and techniques of direct and explicit instruction to address the complex deficits of these older struggling readers. 

Previous research conducted with AMP-IT-UP demonstrates that it can be effectively and feasibly implemented by district employed teachers, when provided with the appropriate training and support. More importantly, whether implemented under ‘routine’ or ‘ideal’ conditions, middle school SWRDs have made significant and large effect sizes gains in word identification, spelling, fluency, and comprehension skills with AMP-IT-UP.

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