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Word Level and Fluency Instruction is taught through The Bridging Strategy (TBS). Students use targeted strategies and practices to help them warm up their sound-letter system, quickly and accurately recognize words in connected text, and read passages for accuracy, rate, and comprehension. 

Four core areas of reading are covered in TBS:

  • Phonics
  • Decoding
  • Word Identification
  • Reading Fluency

These word level skills are taught to a level of automaticity and applied during fluency reads of expository and narrative text. The graphic below describes how Fusion Reading aligns to the Science of Reading.

Bridging Strategy Book
The Bridging Strategy Science of Reading Language and Alignment

Word-level strategies are applied during fluency reads. Some students identified with reading challenges or at risk of reading challenges will need Word Level Instruction (Oslund et al., 2018). The adaptive nature of Fusion Reading will not require students who demonstrate competency to spend substantial time on this unit.

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