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The Motivation Component is based on the use of highly engaging teen literature, lessons designed for success, goal setting and performance tracking, and Possible Selves for Readers (PSR).

Fusion Reading with Possible Selves

PSR is used to focus students’ attention on the importance of becoming expert readers and how the benefits of being expert readers helps them reach their hopes and dreams as learners, persons, and in a career area. Examining individual possibilities supports the development of an action plan that clearly shows the connection between reading and the attainment of the desired goals identified by the student.

Possible Selves Tree"The purpose of the PS tree is to identify what is important to a person in major life areas. The major parts of the tree have meaning. For example, the trunk represents the whole person; each limb represents a major area of a person's life, in the strength area, as a learner, person and worker; the branches represent their hopes and expectations relative to each area; and the roots represent what they are currently thinking about themselves in each area, using the words the person used to describe themselves in the strength area, as learner, person, or a worker."

Excerpt from Possible Selves Lesson 4, p. 71

Hock, M. F., Schumaker, J., & Deshler, D. (2023). Possible selves: Nurturing student motivation
and supporting post-secondary transition.
Lawrence, KS: Edge Enterprises.

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