SIM Content Enhancement Routines

The Strategic Instruction Model (SIMâ„¢) Content Enhancement Routines (CERs) are dynamic instructional tools that use powerful teaching devices and procedures to plan for and teach critical content in an understandable and easy-to-learn manner. Teachers engage students collaboratively to develop understanding in a way that maintains the integrity of the content while meeting both group and individual needs. 

All of the routines promote direct, explicit instruction.  CERs are responsive to a range of student needs in content area classes.  They were designed to provide instruction for all students, including those with learning challenges.

Many Content Enhancement Routines are available with guidebooks in:

  • Planning and Leading,
  • Higher Order Thinking and Reasoning,
  • Teaching Concepts,
  • Explaining Text, Topics and Details
  • Increasing Performance

For more information, visit the SIM Content Enhancement Routines Website.