What people are saying about our products and services

  • Kelly, NC

    I found the strategies to be very sound in terms of research. Also, very real world oriented...doesn't require a lot of fluff or time.

  • Nicole, NC

    Students have stated that they feel more comfortable with reading and have moved to a less restrictive environment on their IEP. Students scores have increased on reading fluency and comprehension.

  • Angela, FL

    I just started Paraphrasing and Summarizing, so I am excited to see the results. However, I did implement Fundamentals of Sentence Writing. Wow! I had students that were not writing complete sentences that are doing so now! I can't wait to begin Proficiency in Sentence Writing!

  • Leah, VA

    These materials work. I was a critic at first, but feel as though these routines and strategies have improved my teaching and helping my students retain information.

  • Jennifer, MO

    The Fundamentals in Sentence Writing has been very beneficial. I see students carrying over what they are learning in the sentence writing to other classes. (sometimes it requires a little prompting, but they are using the strategies learned).


  • Tina, GA

    Since implementing and delivering SIM strategies, not only has student performance improved, but students frequently report that they actually used a strategy in another content area and that they felt more successful and less anxious by doing so.

  • Amy, FL

    The Frame routine is a great way for students to collaborate when note taking. It also causes students to think at a higher cognitive level because they are taking a large role in the note taking process by summarizing and organizing what notes to take. The Frame routine also helps students to more clearly see cause and effect sequences, as well as how singular concepts are connected.

  • Rick, NC

    As a state we have seen student growth that surpasses the expected growth of one year. Students are growing on average more than two years per year.

  • Lindsay, VA

    I have been using this as a strategy to close new topics before we move on to our next concept. It has been a great tool to help students summarize what they've learned, and a great resource for them to refer back to when reviewing topics, or scaffolding previous content into new content. I've noticed an increase in my students' use of Math vocabulary in conversations.