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Center for Research on Learning

Creating Solutions to Educational Challenges

The University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning (KUCRL) is a multidisciplinary research team whose overarching goal is to create solutions to educational challenges. KUCRL is dedicated to development and research of educational programs and practices that improve outcomes for all learners, including those with learning differences or disabilities. These interventions and practices address higher-order reasoning skills, adolescent literacy, adult literacy, language and reading comprehension strategies, written expression strategies, math skills and strategies, social emotional learning skills, and explicit instruction and routines that respond to diversity in today’s schools. 

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Congratulations for $2.4 Million Grant Award

Congratulations to our Researchers!

KUCRL is Awarded a 2021 OSEP Educational Technology, Media, and Materials for Individuals with Disabilities, Stepping-up Technology Implementation Grant
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"I believe the future of education will embrace more online learning opportunities that are blended in nature and more responsive to the needs of individual students. Our challenge is to make sure online learning is responsive to the needs of diverse learners." - Michael Hock
Fundamentals in the Sentence Writing Strategy

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If you’re looking for an evidenced-based learning strategy to help your students improve their sentence writing, take a minute to learn more about the Fundamentals in the Sentence Writing Strategy.

Technical Assistance

The University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning provides technical assistance to State and Local Education Agencies seeking to address the language and literacy challenges faced by disadvantage children and youth. The CRL offers a wide array of programs, interventions, professional development, and instructional coaching that can impact literacy outcomes for students with disabilities, English learners, and students from low income households.

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