Behind Our Research

Featured Interview: Suzanne Myers

"Research tells us that sustained, personalized, contextually-relevant professional learning has the biggest impact on both educator and student learning. In order to ensure that all children are taught by well-supported teachers, we need to look for solutions that may not look like traditional in-service or on-site coaching."
Suzanne Myers

How long have you been at KUCRL? 

I joined the Center in 2018 as an Associate Researcher. My work focuses on designing, delivering, and studying educator professional learning, particularly online or blended professional learning, including collaborative virtual coaching. I co-manage a virtual coaching network, several virtual communities of practice, and I am currently working on several projects organizing virtual coaching and virtual professional development for participating educators.

What attracted you to working at KUCRL?

The people! I had worked with Mike, Amber, Jana, and Jayne on a grant proposal several years ago. We were successful, so our collaboration continued, and I continued to love working with such a collaborative, supportive, hard-working team. When I had the opportunity to join KUCRL in 2018, I jumped at the chance to interview and luckily was hired.

What are your hopes as you look forward to the future of your work?

I am hoping to make more connections with other education researchers trying to figure out ways to effectively implement interventions without having to schedule costly and time-consuming on-site professional development sessions. We have solutions for doing PD in ways that make more sense for schools and teachers, and we'd love to work with researchers from other institutions or organizations.

Is there an achievement of contribution you are most proud of?

I am most proud of the productive working relationships I have at KUCRL. I feel like I'm part of a team of people who truly care about each other, who want to see each other succeed, and who consistently support and boost up their colleagues. I'm grateful every day to be part of such a wonderful team.